Welcome to Shirley DeFord Photography! While you are reading this, your children and family are growing up, faster than ever... it's even later than you think...
Welcome to Shirley DeFord Photography!While you are reading this, your childrenand family are growing up, faster than ever...it's even later than you think... 

My Family

I believe it's important for families to decorate their walls with portraits of the people they love the most.

I am blessed to be able to look around my home and treasure, enjoy, and appreciate the moments I have captured of my children and grandchildren. So as you read through my website, won't you consider just picking up the phone and calling me right now? That way we can get started immediately on planning a portrait that you'll treasure forever, and so will your children.
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"These are my precious grandchildren. I love that Shirley captured us interacting together. This photo is very special, as they are a military family moving to the East Coast."
Robin Ellis ~ Port Orchard, WA

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