Welcome to Shirley DeFord Photography! While you are reading this, your children and family are growing up, faster than ever... it's even later than you think...
Welcome to Shirley DeFord Photography!While you are reading this, your childrenand family are growing up, faster than ever...it's even later than you think... 

 If Your Family Is The Most Important Thing In The World To You, Then You Realize How Quickly Things Can Change.

If You Want A Memory You Will Cherish Forever, This Information Will Be Priceless To You.

Hi, my name is Shirley DeFord. You may already know me - I was born and raised in the Port Orchard area and have lived, worked, and donated my time to my hometown. In 2014, I was honored to be chosen for the Port Orchard Small Business of the Year Award by the Chamber of Commerce board members. I've been in the top 3 of the Best of South Kitsap County for the last 7 years, of which the last 2, I was awarded 1st place.

But you're not here to listen to me brag!
(and honestly, it's not bragging, I am just applying for a job).

You're here because you have a loved one or a family who is growing up - and time isn't slowing down! Your family is changing fast, and you just wish you could stop it for a moment. Well, that's where I come in...

Shirley, can you stop time?
As a professional portrait photographer, I have helped many families preserve the special times in their lives - births, graduation, family milestones and more. These are all happy and meaningful events that mark the passing of time in our lives. I am here to make sure you don't forget the love, emotions and feelings you have for each other right now.


Don't make me cry! (again)
I get tears thinking about how I used to play with my four kids, and now, well, they're grown up and have children of their own. I'm sure you feel the same way, so let me help you keep these moments and memories alive and fresh. Let's get together and chat about our children and families, and we might still both shed a tear, but to be honest, that's what I and my business are all about - tears of joy. It's my guarantee. Call me today at 360-731-7727.


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